Live Male Crab


Small: 800grams – 1000grams
Medium: 1000grams – 1400grams
Large: 1400grams – 2000grams


Product Description

Live Male Crab delivered straight to your door using our overnight couriers. We¬†collect daily from Salcombe and Padstow and then store in our purpose built refrigerated tank system in Gloucester to ensure optimum quality and freshness. Devon and Cornwall Crab at it’s very finest!

How are they packed?

Live Crab and Lobster are packed in Polystyrene boxes with Ice Gel packs to maintain a cool environment. We cover with wet paper then dispatch to our online retail customers daily. Please note we do not dispatch any products on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  

How do we dress a Live Crab?

Please visit the recipe page of our website to watch Rick Stein dispatch and dress one of our crab. You will need; patience, a large knife, and some hungry guests who appreciate the very finest food!

Additional information

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